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Why SEO is Required for Your Small Business

April 26, 2017

Why SEO is Required for Your Small Business


What is SEO?

The term SEO is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the process through which various search engines filter out the most useful search results for the users. Have you ever noticed whenever we try to Google something, we come across hundreds of results but instinctively go for the top most link or sometimes explore rest of the options but we hardly ever get past top 5 links, Right? And that is because in today’s fast paced life people look for shortcuts and aim to utilize their time in the best possible manner.

Therefore, in order to fulfill the consumer demands various search engines like Google have made use of some techniques that can quickly and efficiently skim through all the search outcomes and based on certain algorithms at the back end, provide the user with the most authentic and authoritative results. These algorithms basically work on the concept of website rankings and how other web pages are linked to a certain website which makes it more reliable.

SEO for Small Businesses:

Companies/Businesses around the globe spend hundreds of thousands out of their budget for marketing their products or services in the most competent way and it’s an on-going thing, not a one-time investment. Every year a lot of time, energy and other resources are invested into designing an effective marketing plan and achieve the forecasted results. Big companies have a separate full-fledged marketing department and necessary resources to carry out the above mentioned task. But small companies or entrepreneurs are not fully equipped to do so. Hence, such businesses resort to easy, time saving and cheaper options to carry out their marketing function and SEO plays an important role in this regard. With SEO even small businesses can display their website in Google number 1 easily. A professional can be hired to review the website and make it more SEO friendly, in some cases this can be a one-time investment and the owner can then manage to do the required updates as and when required.

Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses:

In order to enter into the world of digital marketing business owners firstly need to have a user friendly website along with easy on-page navigation to the various products/services it offers and provide updated contact and location information. In the USA only 50% business have virtual presence, others don’t even have a website whereas in Pakistan the percentage is far less. A Google survey has forecasted that business with online presence are expected to grow by 40% in the future. And this growth will can be seen mostly in small and medium sized businesses. Small businesses, in particular, can mostly easily market themselves by creating its own website and make use of the most popular on-line marketing techniques to get its business running. Furthermore among many other forms of digital marketing, SEO has resulted in tremendous success stories.

Following are some of the many benefits of search engine optimization especially for small businesses;

1. Small business owners can easily deploy effective SEO techniques and gain access to potential customers.In a global economy a well optimized website can open doors to a whole new customer base for a business across the borders.

2. SEO offers immense benefits even for a small home based business to explore the growth opportunities in its current area of operations and help explore and develop new markets for its products.

3. New product development ideas can also be explored with extensive market research.

4. The level of customer satisfaction can also be easily determined by analyzing customer feedbacks on the website. Good reviews posted by customers on websites or on other social media platforms can increase the sales in the future.

5. Search engine optimization can divert valuable traffic to your website, thereby increasing the profits.

6. Easily meet with the changing consumer demands and requirements.

7. Analyze the competition in the market and devise timely counter strategies.

SEO for Small Businesses in Pakistan:

With more than 35 million internet users in Pakistan an increasing trend of online shopping has been observed. As purchasing products/services online saves time and exciting discount deals save money too. Observing this trend many small home based business owners have become active on various social media platforms. These business owners work from the comfort of their homes and work hard to maintain a decent online presence rather than establishing outlets/shops around the city. In order to expand their virtual presence over the internet these vendors make use of some cost effective SEO techniques to better market their products.

SEO in Pakistan is booming with each passing moment, as it offers a plethora of benefits and that too without investing too much. Businesses can now make use of location based optimization too. With increasing use of smart phones and other related devices people make use of search engines for every possible thing like healthy food, beauty products, groceries etc. thereby, search engines can smartly retrieve the users’ location and display relevant ads based on their current location, which benefits both the vendor and the consumer. A small business operating in just one city in Pakistan like Karachi can easily limit the scope of optimization to only SEO Karachi.

Nowadays search engines are taking the responsibility of providing authentic results very seriously and in the times to come SEO will have its own challenges. Search engines are now aiming to eliminate bogus websites by introducing new algorithms in their system and much focus is going to be on the quality of the available on-site content. Hence, reducing the unnecessary traffic caused by redundant microsites.
Therefore business owners should carry out SEO with little more caution and reduce the risk of losing the presence of their website in Google number 1. Services of professionals who are experienced in SEO are now easily available across major cities in Pakistan.


SEO can surely help a business grow! Even if it is as small as a home based food delivery business. All one needs to do is to get a proper insight into how it works and follow some tips and tricks for effective optimization and maximize the profits without incurring any substantial costs.

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