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April 18, 2017




Since the realization of the influence that marketing and advertisement has on the consumers, corporations and organizations (public or private alike) have made a point to direct as many resources as possible to grab attention of consumers. This has led to an increased investment in the department of business marketing whose job is to increase the consumption or usage of their goods and services. Before the maturity of internet, corporations focused their resources towards those techniques where they could affect as many people as possible with the least amount of investment. Hence billboards, flyers, newspapers and brochures among other hard print media resources were the norm. Nowadays though, World Wide Web has made the world a global village where neither an individual nor any corporation is restricted by any physical boundary. This incorporation of the internet within the business field not only opened doors for numerous business opportunities but also brought with itself a whole new world for marketers to explore.

The world of internet brought with it one of the core attribute of marketing: connectivity. This connectivity was due to social media, blogs and most importantly emails. Emails quickly became the most widely used tool for sharing and conversing. This led marketers to quickly employ their brains on using emails as a medium for marketing.

Email marketing is on its peak nowadays. The subcontinent has become the unofficial hub of information technology centers with India and Pakistan taking the lead. Like everywhere in the world, this marketing technique has been employed to the people of this region as well. Email marketing in Pakistan started with emails of unique inventions and things created by different companies. These emails were later extended to include some of the features of those objects as well. As time passed on, email marketing was revised and re-thought to the features that it contains today. Most of these companies in Pakistan are based in Karachi, as email marketing in Karachi is one of the rapidly growing businesses around.


There are multiple advantages of email marketing. We will discuss some of them briefly.

1. Email marketing is cheap

Before the internet was born, various resources were used to make paper. This led to an increased cost as everything that had to be marketed required printing. Apart from that there was manpower required to not only design and print the content but also for distribution. This is not the case with email marketing and it is now available at the click of a button.

2. Email marketing is green

With this reduced cost of paper comes the advantage of the fact that email marketing has saved a lot of paper which has led to less cutting down and usage of trees.

3. Email marketing is market specific

Good thing about emails is the fact that they can be grouped and sent to a specific group of people. For example, a certain company could advertise their product for Karachi and Lahore differently without involving extra resources.

4. Email marketing reduces effort

Once you create an email, it can be changed and re-changed depending on the requirement of the market. But this change has been made so convenient thanks to crazy design software that the effort involved is minimal to none. Similarly, emails are sent at the click of a button and can be sent to thousands of people at a time which also reduces the effort involved. Eventually, all this leads to cost saving as

5. Email marketing engages users in real time

When a consumer receives an email, he or she has the choice to reply or ignore the email. Marketers have used this feature to their advantage by collecting information from consumers in exchange for minute incentives. This real time engagement has not only proved to be efficient but profitable as well.

6. Email marketing enables frequent communication

The exchange of emails means that the consumer and the organization are communicating with each other on an hourly, daily or weekly basis unlike the days when people received one flyer or brochure a month. This can lead to increased brand awareness and a stronger consumer base.

6. Email marketing can be personalized

Everyone likes a personalized message from someone they associate themselves with. With emails it makes it much easier for the higher management to send a personalized message to their consumers and thank them for their loyalty or wish them a happy birthday.

8. Email marketing enables test marketing

Testing is one of the most crucial steps of marketing technique. Before an idea can be implemented or applied to the general population, it must be tested with a sample population to ensure that there are no backlashes or legal issues to the proposed idea. Email marketing takes this testing to a whole new level by providing tools to test each and every aspect of marketing including graphics, fonts and even colors.

9. Email marketing helps spread information

With the added bonus of being able to advertise a product to general population, email marketing also enables companies to educate and spread information about their corporation to the people. These include welfare projects in which a company is involved in, milestones that a company has reached or just general information about the things that a company feels strongly about such as the environment or animal rights.

10. Email marketing is measurable

With flyers and brochures, the number of people engaged was never certain. You never knew who read the flyer or who threw it away. This is not the case with emails. Marketers can now provide links to their page and then check exactly how many views they got after their marketing email was sent. Not only can the marketing department know the exact number of people they engaged buy can also collect data on how efficient their marketing strategy was.

If a company is not incorporating email into their marketing plan, then they are missing out on a number of benefits that can improve their overall sales and user engagement for a very low overhead cost and, in many cases, a very limited amount of time and effort.

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