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A branded SMS is when a company sends a text message to its existing or potential clients in the name of the company itself. When an individual receives the message, instead of a code or number, the contact of the phone showcases that the message is sent by the company. A practice quite commonly used by companies for their clients, where they constantly send updates to their existing or potential clients.



As a marketing company, we too are aware of the value a brand possesses only because of the customer’s perception towards it. We at E-Marketeers are very careful when it comes to brand equity and cooperate with our clients in regards to their brand name wherever possible. Every brand availing our branded SMS service is registered with PTA in order to avoid any concerns in future for the brand, if the brand was misused. We furthermore also provide an option for an online web portal to our clients, from where they can easily run campaigns themselves, not involving anyone else from the company but themselves.




Branded SMS marketing is not only a better way to communicate to your audience; it is also a more convenient method for mass marketing. SMS marketing can be done from any device, anywhere and at any time. We at E-Marketeers make sure that our clients use this tool to in the easiest way possible. Our clients are provided with an option to have a web based portal where they can simply execute a campaign by accessing an online website and sending the message to the uploaded database also stored on the provided web portal. This portal also provides them with a facility for clients to schedule their messages, which shall be automatically run on the given time for their ease.

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  • If the client wishes to send messages themselves, a web portal is provided to them.
  • Messages sent to the audience are received with the brand’s name. E.g: Messages received in the name of “E-marketeers” rather than numbers.
  • Highly suitable for customer service, updating and marketing to the consumer market in your brand’s name.
  • A report is provided to the client, showcasing how many messages were sent to the targeted audience.
  • Branded SMS marketing is a PTA regulated system, thus every client is required to be registered with PTA for the benefit of their brand. This process can be done through our
    firm with no charges involved and takes 4 working days max to process.
  • If the clients do no choose to purchase the online portal, they would have to inform the
    company 24 hours in advance to run a campaign on behalf of their firm.
  • Registering with PTA requires a letter on the client’s company’s letterhead along with their
    CNIC copy, signature and stamp. Even if the scanned copy is sent to E-Marketeers, it is
    essential the scan copy was done from a printed hard copy.



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