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Simple Approach for Building Valuable Branded SMS Marketing Campaign

November 10, 2017

Simple Approach for Building Valuable Branded SMS Marketing Campaign



Marketing works like a bridge between business and consumer. Marketing is the only source through which a business can promote its product and services. However, there are several forms of marketing but with the evolution of digital media marketing, businesses have turn towards it. From Social media marketing to email and SMS marketing everything plays a vital role in building a reputation of business and increasing customers. Companies in Pakistan take all these means of digital marketing seriously when it comes to marketing.

Like any other form of marketing, SMS marketing can only get you customers or help increase your sales if it is done right. SMS marketing takes away the trump cards and it is getting famous because every device is SMS enabled so even if someone doesn’t own a smartphone they can still get your SMS. Unlike social media marketing, it isn’t necessary that your audience will be available on every social media platform. SMS marketing in Pakistan is not new but companies are still getting a hold of it. Here are a few approaches to build a valuable branded SMS marketing campaign:

Create a Hard to Resist Offer:

People usually get annoyed with a random SMS from any company and this is a bitter truth you have to accept. However, they do pay attention if there are any special offers or new launches that are hard to resist.

For example: Get 15% discount on all our new summer festive lawn all this week. Show this text to avail the discount.

Now if you see the example customers are getting something out of a message they just received. It’s a win-win situation.

sms-marketing 2

Show it as Exclusive:

To create a branded SMS campaign, make sure that you make the person reading feel like the SMS was sent to them exclusively. Make them feel like they are special part of your audience. If your audience feels like that the offer is similar for everyone they might lose interest in it. Making a sale through SMS is all about making sure that your audience feel special and valued.

Concise Message:

Keep your message short and concise since making up stories over SMS will obviously add up to the destruction of your SMS campaign. Keep it concise by only mentioning the offer that will grab the reader’s attention.


Just like email marketing, SMS marketing is also a marketing channel where you require permission. Your audience of SMS marketing must be those who opted for this service or provided their number to you through any mean. There are several ways your audience can opt for it maybe through a facebook group, filling a form during campus run, by submitting their number through a web-form or directly opting for your sms service.

SMS marketing in Pakistan is thriving now and a lot of big and small brands are opting for it, however some companies resort to uneasy means of SMS marketing which results in losing customers.

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