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SEO is the Best Way of Internet Marketing

April 18, 2017

SEO is the Best Way of Internet Marketing



Importance of Internet Marketing:

According to a recent research around 14 billion users make online searches each month! More and more businesses are going online each day. Gone are the days for traditional advertising campaigns. People are increasingly making use of search engines like Google to find out more about everything they are interested to purchase. The importance of internet marketing is not something new for business/website owners but not everyone correctly recognizes its value. In today’s environment of rapid technological advancements business owners need to revolutionize their marketing strategies and evolve from prevalent television, radio and print ads. By launching innovative Internet Marketing campaign the challenges of this ever-changing technology can be met.

Internet marketing is not only cost effective but it opens many doors of opportunities across the globe. Internet marketing does not succumb to any geographical restriction instead it provides the businesses with an unlimited access to potential customers worldwide. Social media marketing provides an easy platform to directly interact with potential customers and in return good reviews from existing customers bring in profits as well. Internet marketing also helps in product research and development by understanding customer preferences and analyzing the purchasing patterns.

It’s high time for business owners to recognize the importance of online marketing, yet far too many tend to neglect this decisive aspect and its detrimental effects on the future and success of their business.

Introduction to SEO:

For the beginners it’s important to first understand the meaning and concept behind the term SEO. The term SEO stands for; Search Engine Optimization, and to further understand the concept of SEO let’s consider an example; for instance if you need to find any information on the internet what do you first do? You simply write it on the search bar of any search engine that you use frequently, Right? Have you ever considered the logic that goes behind the process of filtering top most website links that your search engine displays? I mean there are thousands of search results/website links scattered across the different pages, but those that are displayed on the very first page; what makes them different than the rest of the results? This is where the process of SEO steps in.

Search engines around the globe work on the basic concept of “Rankings”, while sorting through thousands of search results any intelligent search engine uses some algorithms and filters the websites which have the highest rankings among others in the pool and displays only the interesting, relevant and authoritative results.


SEO in Pakistan

In Pakistan, where an estimated population of more than 30 million uses internet and the number is growing tremendously each day because of easy internet access to everyone through increasing number of broadband providers, affordable packages from mobile internet services etc. many new online businesses are entering the market place. Many people have started showing interest in establishing online businesses mainly because of the ease with which one can setup a website or just create one’s own page on a social media platform like Facebook and start trading commodities and services. Internet has provided the masses with a flexible way of interacting with people across the globe and that also without incurring any substantial cost.

With the competition rising among these website/ business owners a unique, creative and innovative marketing strategy is needed expand the customer base, discover new markets, identify customer needs and demands, introduce/launch new products and ultimately maximize the overall business turnover.

Therefore in order to achieve all the aforementioned goals the services of an experienced professional who provide SEO in Pakistan can prove to be fruitful in maximizing the rankings for you website. Search engines analyze the rankings through quality links from various other web pages. It is not as simple as it sounds search engine optimization can become technically challenging at times, so it’s better to engage the services of a qualified and experienced SEO to carry out the task.

Before Google’s Panda Algorithm Update it was relatively easier for anyone to try their luck and experiment with search engine optimization techniques but with the recent updates Google has aimed to eliminate the domination of small, one page microsites which used to manipulate search engine results. Now Google looks for quality and quantity of the onsite content, inbound links to the webpage, social signals linking to the web page, grammar, formatting and spellings. Hence the job needs to be carried out by experienced individuals. One can easily find the services of many competent individuals providing SEO in Pakistan and showcase the website in Google number 1.

Location Specific SEOs and its Importance:

Another popular concept related to SEO is “Geotargeting”, where tailored content is delivered to the users after determining their location. Have you ever wondered how various ads pop up on your mobile devices according to your location? The ad servers retrieve your location through your IP addresses thereby displaying only the relevant ads on your screens and it is indeed a great way of bringing in potential customers.

Locally operating business websites might have a series of pages based on different locations, not much time and consideration is put into designing these different pages rather just a few key details are changed corresponding to the targeted location. Sadly such strategies contribute towards building up unnecessary traffic and corrupt the search engine results and misguide the customers thus in the process many innocent local businesses get affected. Google has aimed to introduce updates to its Doorway Pages Algorithm to combat this situation and further improve the efficiency of the filtering process thereby displaying only the webpages with authentic content and rankings. Services obtained through professionals can result is detail orientated output and make your website pass through all the complex algorithm wars and make way to the top of search engine results.

Hence, a locally operating business, let’s take an example of a business that operates in a particular city like Karachi and has multiple branches across the city, a location specific search engine optimization needs to be carried out. Therefore in this case SEO should be carried out by someone who has specialized in SEO Karachi and can accurately provide and update, when need be, all the necessary details on the website.

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