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How Email Marketing is a Cost-effective Way of Reaching Out to Your Customers

July 26, 2017

How Email Marketing is a Cost-effective Way of Reaching Out to Your Customers


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As technology has advanced, the techniques of marketing have evolved and spread to every business on the globe. These new marketing techniques are also being used to expand individual businesses as well as huge conglomerates. In this regard, if we factor in the modern era, it is certain to count the role Internet plays in the promotion of the business, not only this but it provides much cheaper and faster modes of promoting the product, idea of the business etc. Therefore, the concept of E-Mail marketing came into existence and became the reality and mode of promotion in no time. E-Mail marketing is a type of marketing in which one sends the emails to his customers or consumers in order to maintain or stand-in the interest in his product or service. Email marketing is widely used for the awareness of the brands among the consumers and customers. The interesting point to note is that the Email marketing in Pakistan has now been introduced by various companies such as Sony, Careem, Uber, Banks as well as the booming startups that are making waves globally.

Importance of E-Mail Marketing:

E-mail Marketing is an effective method of marketing to keep customers informed about the new products or services. It is not becoming a trend because it is easy and anyone marketing personal can do this but the basic tactic is very effective at helping business owners and consumers stay connected in the most common way. Email marketing in Pakistan is the important component of any business’ marketing strategy and it is expanding. Social media is the strongest platform to promote the business and to interact with people but when it comes to changing those individuals into your customers then E-mail marketing is the path to go on. Email marketing then already accounted for nearly 10% of all customer acquisitions that occurred online.


Cost Effective marketing:

Simply easy, effective, and inexpensive are the attributes that best describe Email marketing. It allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers and targeted audience of the product at a rate of nearly nothing per message, making the cost per customer reached neglible. Even when considering to begin or start a small scale business, then this would be the way forward as opposed to other traditional marketing on TV channels, banners or radio.

Compared to traditional marketing where printing, postage etc. can take up a lot of cost for your direct marketing campaigns, a lot of costs are disregarded when it comes to email. Emails allow to create the same imagery with the added benefit of having follow-up information instantly available with one click link directed to your website. With the correct and proper maintenance of the contact list of the audience, the cost benefits from this medium increases as well as the close relationship between the company and customer is established to the engagement. Together with the higher response rates that email marketing attracts hence you receive more positive responses, more rapidly and at a lower unit cost! Therefore, it is a Win – win situation!

For example, Faysal or Meezan bank usually send their personal loans, car loan etc. advertisements through the email to the customer instead of couriering the pamphlets where they will be costing a lot more than the email to one customer.

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Benefits on Sales and Direct Engagement with the Targeted Audience:

Do people generally respond better to tempting subject lines such as “Free”, “20 percent off”, or “Now on Sale”? The answer is simple, yes they do. So when the email regarding such discounts on items or discount on registering for the item, is marketed through the audience, the increase in the sales is very much luckily to be over 80% as compare to the normal day sales. A lot of individuals ignore emails as spam messages however, catchy subject lines and offering promotions is bound to get a glimpse. Not only this, the shopping or business attachment is increased as more people will be indulging in viewing your website for more information about the products and end up making up their minds to buy that because it is the most action-oriented mode of marketing. Therefore, it is correct to assume that how you interact with the customer has effect on your sales, and by interaction with the customer it means how you marketed the product. Email marketing provides the direct link between the company and the audience because email takes less time to create and send than other marketing and advertising channels do, you can communicate with your customers more frequently and it is monitored by the email marketing software such as Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact.

For instance, Khaddi, a leading textile company, uses social media along with the email marketing to promote their product to the existing customers because of their regular customer database, but it also helps in increasing the sales as customer is felt respected and important by Khaddi because of the individual email to the person. And then it effects the sales of the product.

There are two goals of a marketing email, to inform and engage the audience and if it succeeds in doing so, the customer is bound to recall the inform atleast and in some cases, even make a purchase. However, it is important not to go overboard and spam emails too much, there is a fine line between informing and pestering when it comes to cluttering inboxes and it is important to know where that lies.

The face that email marketing in Karachi, Pakistan is still viewed as a strong marketing tactic despite the creation of various other platforms depicts the returns that it is providing businesses particularly in the fashion industry. It makes message dissemination simple and allows the business to reach millions at the click of a button, and effective use of this method can further increase returns.

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